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Joyce Chase is a transformational speaker, educational leader, author, and humanitarian. As a transformational speaker, she believes positive change is synonymous with growth and self-improvement. She graduated with a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership from Rider University in Lawrenceville, New Jersey. Committed to the field of education, she has worked as a preschool teacher and for 19 years as a director after that, educating teachers on best practices in the field of early childhood education and development.


In addition to school management and the educational side of the program, Ms. Chase speaks approximately 300 hours a year presenting to teachers and educational leaders. She has a dynamic approach to public speaking. She is undoubtedly a motivational speaker, embedding her beliefs about living a balanced life and working with excellence in every lecture. It is certainly no surprise that Ms. Chase has added “motivational speaker” to her repertoire. Her workforce presentation “Make Excellence Your Standard” is a powerful presentation every company would want their employees to hear. When asked, “What does success mean to you?” Ms. Chase quickly said, “Living your best life.” She abides by a certain code of ethics that guide how she lives, works and shapes her positive outlook. Sharing her story of living well today is inspiring and promotes action towards self-improvement. With over 2000 global readers of her blog, and 9000 and counting facebook members on her group page, Diva Living Today is getting the “live well” message out. Women around the world are inspired by her positive articles on self-love and healthy living.


Understanding the importance of helping others, Joyce Chase works diligently to provide low socioeconomic families with resources to meet their basic needs. Ms. Chase stated, “It’s hard for children to focus on learning when they are hungry. Sometimes life happens, and families just need a little help to get through a crisis.” She considers it a blessing to be able to make a difference in the life of a child at work and home in her community.


 Ms. Chase is currently working on a series of books entitled, Diva Living Today. Volume one, Diva Get Your Life! has been published and is available online and at local bookstores. “Diva Get Your Life! emphasizes the importance of building a strong life foundation. The books that will follow will build from there upwards, one brick at a time,” she stated. As an effective leader, Ms. Chase encourages her listening audience to change their work culture by being a catalyst for cooperation and collaboration. She demonstrates her charismatic speaking style as she presents “It’s Not My Job” and “Choose to Live on Purpose.” Ms. Chase believes people should be excited about their life, enjoying every age and stage of it. To schedule a workshop or speaking engagement, you can reach Ms. Chase by email at, or by calling (609) 496-3184. Her website can be viewed at

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